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                   POTATO FEST 2006
FRI.,SAT. & SUN. September 22,23,&24
WED. & THUR. Set-up Days

Friday Events:Senior Citizen Day

12Noon      Gates Open-Exhibits, Vendors, Food

1 And 5 Mike Amico's Magic Show

2-4 PM  Special Music of Seniors- MELLO-AIRS, SHORT SLEFS,
             CHRIST TIES
5PM      Amusement Rides Open

6PM     Mini-Tractor Pull from 10-100 horsepower. Weigh-in 4 pm
              Organized by Central NY Garden Tractor Pullers Assoc.
             Inc., Contact Greg Hurley at 315-597-8950

6PM    Consignment Auction at the food tent, Consignments welcome
             @ 4pm, by Scott Arnold

6PM    Photography Contest & Judging at Secor building

6PM    Wildflower Centerpiece and Vegetable Art Contest.
            Registration & Judging at Secor building

6PM    Square Dancing- John Andrews

7PM    Potatoes on Parade Judging

7 PM   Giant Barrel Race

Saturday Events;

9AM                     Gates Open

9AM                    Parade Line-up at Town Barns

10AM                  Parade Begins

11AM- 5PM       Fingerlakes Air Pirates Air Show

11AM                 Kiddie Parade and Games
11:30AM            Food Contest& Judging

11:30AM            Potato Art

12Noon             Parade Awards Announced- MC tent

 12Noon            Amusement Rides Open

12Noon            Antique Tractor Pull 3,000-10,000 lbs.
                         Registration: 10:00 AM.
                          Sponsored by Antique Hooker Pulling Sled. Contact
                          Ron  Dennison at 315-626-2416

12Noon           Dinner on the Field, Chicken B-B-Q Savannah Fire Dept.

12- 5PM         Donna and the Mystics

12Noon          Backyard Circus

1-4PM          Playland Amusement Rides (Pay one price )

1PM               Magic Show

1PM              Game Show at the Horse Arene,

1Pm              All County ATV Mud Bog  Contact Charles Carman at

2 PM             Potato Gun Shoot-out  Contact Ryan Marriott at 365-3615

2PM              Peddle Tractor Pull,Awards

2PM             Backyard Circus

3PM             Magic Show

4PM             Potato Wrestling

4PM            Backyard Circus

5PM            Magic Show

6 PM         Potato Peeling Contest

8:30 PM      Fireworks Sponsored by the Verdi's Stop At Chamber     

Sunday Events:

7:30-11AM         Pancake Breakfast, All you can eat!

8AM                    Church Service And Song Fest

9AM                    Gates Open

10 Am                 Fireman's Waterball Contest

11AM                  Mini-Modified Garden Tractor Pull 500H.P. V-8,
                             Mini-Rods 1000-1500lbs. Weigh in 8 AM Sponsored
                             By Central NY Tractor Pullers Assoc.INC. Contact
                             Greg Hurley at 315 597-8950

11 AM                    Magic Show

12 Noon              Dinner in the Field,Chicken B-B-Q

12Noon              Amusement Rides Open

12-4PM             All Elvis Review

12-4PM             Classic Car Show, Awards Contact Nick Odit

12Noon             Backyard Circus

1PM                     Magic Show

1PM                  Championship Barrel Race
                           Contact Betty Johnson 315-365-2656

2PM                  Backyard Circus

4PM                   Backyard Circus