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Welcome to Savannah, New York
-We Invite You To Visit Our Community-

The mane "Savannah" comes from the Latin word Sabanum and the Spanish word Savana which means an extensive marsh or open grassy plain. The large Montezuma marsh
 of 1900 acres and the Seneca River have provided exellent hunting grounds for our native Americans through the 1700's.On November  24, 1825, the Town of Savannah was formed fromGalen. The railroad came through in 1854 and by 1867 a village had been established at the rail head. Today Savannah is best known for its large vegetable muck farms.

THE POTATO FEST COMMITTEE has been working very hard over the past several months in an effort to provide a variety of family-oriented activities that truly represent the spirit of the Savannah community. We hope we have accomplished this task and you enjoy the harvest of our efforts.

The goals of the Potato Fest Committee set forth are very simple:
1) Provide a variety of activitirs to our visiting guests
2) Promote tourism in our small community
3) Inform our guests why Savannah is in desperate need of tourism
4) Promote community camaraderie

This is our Tenth  potato Fest. We hope you enjoy the relaxed family-oriented atmosphere.


Thank you for coming to support our community.
We look forward to your future support.